How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Personal-Injury-Attorney201510As a personal injury attorney, I represent clients and families who have been injured in a car crash. No matter how hard you try to protect your family, there is a good chance you will need an injury attorney at some point in your lifetime. Car wrecks are incredibly common, with many people being in more than one wreck in their lifetime. These can range from minor fender-benders or bumping a car in a parking lot, to head-on collisions or a wreck with a semi-truck. Whatever type of accident you are involved in, it is important to protect yourself and your family both physically and financially.

As an injury attorney, my first thought is for the safety of my clients. It is important that you and your family call for help, get off the road safely, and seek the medical attention you need. Once you are safely off the road and out of harm’s way, I can meet you at the hospital and work to protect your rights from day one. This is often in your best interest because hiring an attorney immediately means I can go to work gathering and preserving evidence while it is still fresh. It also means you have an advocate who will fight to ensure you and your family receive the medical attention you need to get well.

One of the issues I regularly deal with, as a personal injury attorney, is access to medical care. If you or one of your children has been injured in a car wreck, it is important that you not only receive care but that you receive the right type of care. Very often, insurance companies will try to restrict access to specialist or deny procedures that are necessary from the opinion of your doctor but seem “elective” to the insurance company. Having an injury attorney represent you increases the likelihood of you being able to receive these additional treatments or get help from a specialist in the area you are most concerned about. If you have been in an accident and have been trying to handle the claim on your own, only to receive pushback, you should call my office. Whether the accident happened yesterday or six months ago, I can step in and take over communication with the insurance company to ensure you receive the care you need and are not lost in the shuffle.

Another reason to hire a personal injury attorney is to ensure you receive a fair value for your vehicle or that it is fully repaired. Insurance companies will often deem a vehicle to be totaled, even when it can be repaired. If they total your vehicle, they will assign a value to it that may or may not be fair. As an injury attorney, I can ensure you are not shorted on value, so you have the money you need to purchase a replacement.

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